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patching ….. again and again

Have not done it for a while……. AIX patching today. To check if all file sets are present (for example, after patching) or what file sets needs “upgrade” in order to bring operating system to a consistent level execute:

# instfix -i | grep AIX

If the listing produced by the last command contains only the phrases Not all filesets for XXXX-XX_AIX_ML were found. we are good. Below is the example of a perfect listing:

# instfix -i | grep AIX
All filesets for 6100-00_AIX_ML were found.
All filesets for 6100-01_AIX_ML were found.
All filesets for 6100-02_AIX_ML were found.
All filesets for 6100-03_AIX_ML were found.
All filesets for 6100-04_AIX_ML were found.
All filesets for 6100-05_AIX_ML were found.
All filesets for 6100-06_AIX_ML were found.
All filesets for were found.
All filesets for 6100-07_AIX_ML were found.
Not all filesets for 6100-08_AIX_ML were found.

Otherwise, execute the next command against the line of output containing could not find all filesets to identify for example, what file sets from 6100-08 still needed patching:

# instfix -ciqk 6100-08_AIX_ML| grep ":-:"
6100-08_AIX_ML:OpenGL.OpenGL_X.rte.base: 6100-08 Update
6100-08_AIX_ML:OpenGL.OpenGL_X.rte.soft: 6100-08 Update
6100-08_AIX_ML:bos.cifs_fs.rte: 6100-08 Update
6100-08_AIX_ML:xlC.msg.en_US.rte: 6100-08 Update
6100-08_AIX_ML:xlsmp.aix53.rte: 6100-08 Update
6100-08_AIX_ML:xlsmp.msg.en_US.rte: 6100-08 Update
6100-08_AIX_ML:xlsmp.rte: 6100-08 Update

or using the “shorter” aka “easier to memorize” way:

# oslevel -rl 6100-08
Fileset                        Actual Level         Recommended ML

Now, we know what specific file sets needs more work. It is time (in my case) for another run at smitty update_all from the same source. Finally, to check the consistency of operating system after patching or any time later, execute:

# lppchk -v -m3

For Linux commands that are designed to work with file packages (rpms) see

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