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AIX upgrades and boot issues

A few days ago, I had to upgrade AIX on a machine that rootvg had two way mirror with two disks on each side. I was not sure that the “alt_clone” will be able to do its job in this situation, I used the “migratepv” command to reorganize rootvg so each side had only one disk. All looked OK till the moment I executed the “bootlist -vd” command – I got errors!

OS upgrades like “upgrade_all” or “alt_clone” will be aborted if “bosboot -vd /dev/hdisk0” (in your case it could be a different disk)returns errors!

bosboot -ad /dev/hdisk0

unable to identify boot disk

unable to identify boot disk

In this case, if the solution presented bellow is not able to resolve the issues then there is nothing else to do but to reboot in order to get rid of the error conditions.

Before you decide to reboot maybe you should consider doing the following (assuming boot from hdisk0):

rm /dev/ipldevice

rm /dev/ipl_blv

ln /dev/rhdisk0 /dev/ipldevice

ln /dev/rhd5 /dev/ipl_blv

bosboot -ad /dev/ipldevice

bosboot -ad /dev/hdisk0

bootlist -m normal hdisk0


bootlist -v -m normal ipldevice

If the last “bootlist -vd /dev/hdisk0” returns with no errors, then you are good to do the OS upgrade. Otherwise, even if “savebase” or “savebase -v” returns with no errors but “bootlist” generates them you have no choice but a reboot!

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