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NIM, KRB5/AD rsh, ftp …….

Lately, I am busy trying to get ftp and rsh to work with KRB5/AD as the authentication engine. Apparently, there are still applications that need both ftp and rsh… NIM is one such example, it still needs rsh. Well, this is exactly what I have thought till this morning when I discovered Chris Gibson article showing what to do in order to change this requirement! For me this is a “WIN” situation as now I can put back our NIM servers into the KRB5 and they will still work! This is really ironic as two days ago during a meeting with IBM reps I expressed my surprise that NIM still needs rsh. As I see it now, my idea was at least several months old.

Looking for more NIM info, I found a really nice blog I recommend all to take a look at – “NIM Less known features : HANIM, nimsh over ssl, DSM”

This rocks! Thanks Gents!

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  1. Benoît says

    Hi Mark !

    Thanks a lot for you support and for quoting my blog in one of your post. You remind my why I’m doing this , to share knowledge with passionate people like you. You rules !

  2. MarkD:-) says


    I wish my blog looked as good as yours! You rock man, and your stuff is deep!
    It was my pleasure, really – I mean it!

    All the best,


  3. Chris Gibson says

    Cheers Mark!

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