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How to monitor telnet traffic in AIX

1. Create /etc/security/authlog file containing the following lines:

/usr/bin/logger -t tsm -p "`/usr/bin/tty` login from $@ " 

2. Make it executable

# chmod +x /etc/security/authlog 

3. Modify the "/etc/security/login.cfg" file adding the following two lines just under the default: stanza.

program = /etc/security/authlog 

4. Modify the field "auth2" in the "/etc/security/user" file:

auth2 = authlog 

The above can be done for all the users by the default: or for a specific user modifying only the correspondent user stanza.

5. Configure syslogd to log the information:

# vi /etc/syslog.conf 
*.info /var/adm/authinfo.log

6. Create the logfile

# touch /var/adm/authinfo.log

7. Restart syslogd

# stopsrc -s syslogd 

# startsrc -s syslogd

8. Log in and check the authinfo.log:

# cat authinfo.log 

You should see the successful logins.

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  1. Sebastian says

    Telnet should only be used for port checking in these days, it’s to insecure with lots of people sniffing on the (internal and external) networks.

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