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user creation/password encryption in RedHat

To create a new user account simultaneously setting its password is a two step procedure.

a. encrypt the password (in this case the password is abc123)

# openssl passwd
Verifying - Password:

b. call the useradd command to do the rest

# useradd -c 'testing gecos' -g oinstall \
-m -d /home/testing -p 2n50KL0pCn096 newuser

In the last case, the newuser login account will be associated with the group/groups called oinstall.

# groups newuser
newuser : oinstall

But if we create it replacing -g with -G:

# useradd -c 'testing gecos' -G oinstall \
-m -d /home/testing -p 2n50KL0pCn096 newuser

The new account primary group will be created automatically and called newuser and its group membership will be the list showing the following two grous newuser and oinstall.

# groups newuser
newuser: newuser, oinstall

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