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repository (vtopt0) issue while patching vios

It is my turn to patch vio servers….. 🙂

vioaprpu001:/home/padmin>updateios -commit
User can not perform updates with media repository(s) loaded.
Please unload media images.

What is going on here? What is loaded and where?

VTD             Media                              Size(mb)
vtopt0          RH6.2.iso                          unknown

Really? Someone played with RedHat? Apparently so, except now the repo seems not to be really OK……… The next command should unload a repo.

vioaprpu001:/home/padmin>unloadopt -vtd vtopt0
Device "vtopt0" is not in AVAILABLE state.

We need to get more info about this repository like its adapters, state and whatever else we can find.

vioaprpu001:/home/padmin>lsmap -all
------------- -------------------------------------------------
vhost13              U9117.MMB.1060FFP-V1-C19      0x00000000

VTD                   vtopt0
Status                Defined
LUN                   0x8100000000000000
Backing device        /var/vio/VMLibrary/RH6.2.iso
Mirrored              N/A

It should be Available not Defnined. Definitely, someone built it, and dismembered it but partially. Well, let’s get rid of it.

vioaprpu001:/home/padmin>rmvdev -vtd vtopt0
vtopt0 deleted

Now, going back to the patching I should be doing today.

vioaprpu001:/home/padmin>updateios -commit
All updates have been committed.

……. and whatever steps follows……

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  1. Anonymous says

    Thank you – helpful! 🙂

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