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printing stanzas

If you worked with AIX you might have quickly get used to the grep -p stanza: /some/pathto/file to display paragraphs of a file. Unfortunately, other UNIX flavors do not share the same idea of what is “stanza” and their awk does not have the -p option.
Recently, I was tasked with extracting from information from about the not patched packages of a LINUX host.

To generate the report (in text format) I used the following command:

# oscap xccdf eval \
            --results results-cve-`hostname`.xml 
            --report report-cve-`hostname -s`.html \
               com.redhat.rhsa-all.xccdf.xml \
               >>  report-cve-rhnprod.txt 

The resulting text file has the paragraph format.

Title   RHSA-2015:1137: kernel security and bug fix update (Important)
Rule    oval-com.redhat.rhsa-def-20151137
Ident   RHSA-2015-1137
Ident   CVE-2014-9420
Result  pass

Title   RHSA-2015:1139: kernel-rt security, bug fix, and enhancement update (Important)
Rule    oval-com.redhat.rhsa-def-20151139
Ident   RHSA-2015-1139
Ident   CVE-2014-9420
Result  fail

So, how to extract from this file only the “stanzas” which result is fail? Like this:

# awk -vRS= -vORS='\n\n' '/fail/' report-cve-rhnprod.txt

Title   RHSA-2015:1081: kernel security, bug fix, and enhancement update (Important)
Rule    oval-com.redhat.rhsa-def-20151081
Ident   RHSA-2015-1081
Ident   CVE-2014-9419
Ident   CVE-2014-9420
Ident   CVE-2014-9585
Ident   CVE-2015-1805
Ident   CVE-2015-3331
Result  fail

Title   RHSA-2015:1221: kernel security, bug fix, and enhancement update (Moderate)
Rule    oval-com.redhat.rhsa-def-20151221
Ident   RHSA-2015-1221
Ident   CVE-2011-5321
Ident   CVE-2015-1593
Ident   CVE-2015-2830
Ident   CVE-2015-2922
Ident   CVE-2015-3636
Result  fail

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