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RedHat 7 and vmware-tools

If vmware Redhat “guest” will be used as a template or it could be relocated as part of SRM than it has to have the open-vm-tools-deploypkg package installed. To do it requires the following steps.

a. Download VMware Public keys

# wget
# wget

b. Import each of the two keys (that’s a double dash in front of import):

# rpm –import
# rpm –import

c. Create the yum repository by creating a file called /etc/yum.repos.d/vmware-tools.repo containing the following text:

name = VMware Tools
baseurl =
enabled = 1
gpgcheck = 1

d. Remove the already installed open-vm-tools (comes with RedHat ISO image).

sudo yum remove open-vm-tools

e. Install open-vm-tools-deploypkg, which will pull in the correct version of the package you removed in the previous step.

# yum -y install open-vm-tools-deploypkg

f. To start vmware service:

# systemctl on vmtoolsd

g. To start it with the guest power on:

# systemctl enable vmtoolsd

This is all.

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