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recovering from san migrations errors, AIX

One AIX host is using XIV storage for its users volume groups. The data from these vgs has to be migrated to the disks provided by HITACHI SAN. This is a trivial task already done and repeated hundreds of times. Get disks from the other SAN, mirror everything, wait for logical volumes to sync, drop XIV “mirrors”, remove HIV disks from volume groups. remove XIV drivers, install HITACHI drivers, reboot and be marry.

Occasionally, san administrator will remove disks (luns) to migrate from before you can drop the mirrors these disks belong to ….. Luckily, he does it after the mirrors are already synced ….

Reboot – if you do not know what do to next. After a reboot, no user volume group (rootvg has SAS disks) will be able to come on-line (be varied on), even with “force”. But this situation is really not as bad as it looks. Make note what disks belong to what volume group, export the vgs and imports back with “force”. The following documents the way out.

# exportvg mksysbvg
# importvg -f -y mksysbvg hdisk3
# exportvg devegate_vg
# importvg -f -y devegate_vg hdisk2
# mount all

The two disks above are the ones from the new SAN (HITACHI).

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