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deploying nxlog with ansible

Download and install “nxlog” and provide it with a “customized” version of “/etc/nslog.conf file. First the playbook that will execute only of host’s operating system is RHEL ver. 6:

- hosts: 


   - name: download nxlog 
     yum: name= state=installed
     notify: StartNxLog
     when: "ansible_os_family == 'RedHat' and ansible_distribution_major_version == '6'"

   - name: StartNxLog
     include: /root/playbooks/StartNxLog

The contents of the “include:” file “/root/playbooks/StartNxLog”

- name: copy config file
  copy: src=/root/playbooks/nxlog.conf dest=/etc/nxlog.conf owner=root group=root mode=664

- name: set nxlog service to start at boot and now
  service: name=nxlog enabled=yes state=started

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