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vmware disk conversions

Application vendor provided a “vmdk” file as the deployment media. The power on phase failed with the message indicating that the provided disk is of an invalid format….. “Unsupported or invalid disk type 7”. Apparently this is nothing to worry about, just convert the disk image to the appropiate format.
For this to be possible, you have to login to the proper “vmcenter” and find the appropriate data store where this image resides. Next, execute the following command:

vmkfstools -d thin -i VendorDisk.vmdk  ConvertedDisk.vmdk
Destination disk format: VMFS thin-provisioned
Cloning disk 'VendorDisk.vmdk'...
Clone: 100% done.

Pay attention, the “-d” flag converts the disk to the “thin” one, otherwise the new disk will be “thick”and you may not want it.

This process is short. Next, drop the original disk from the guest and attach and “existing” disk, navigate your data stores, select the ConvertedDisk, size it (mine should be 2TB but came as 256GB) to the proper size and power the guest on. Nothing really much

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