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patch and reboot on the second Friday of every month at 1:30am

One of the ways to do it in Linux:

# crontab -l
30 1 7-14 * Fri yum -y update && init 6

If the day of the month is between the seventh or the fourteenth and if this day is Friday than this is the patching day (based on the 2016 calendar)!

Remember, triggering yum execution does not mean that yum will do what you expect….
There should also be a task to validate patching was as success – a boot volume might be too small for the new kernel causing the patching cycle to fail ….

# crontab -l
30 1 7-14 * Fri `yum -y update && init 6 || /path/scriptname`

where the script defined by /path/scriptname will email an alert on yum failure.

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