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edit /etc/sudoers with pssh

I have to find a way to manage /etc/sudoers on a global scale like for example with AD…? But till I reach this stage, here is a one liner that I use to append to a specific line in this file.
In this case, I need to add to the end of line that starts with ‘User_Alias DBAS =’. Here is the one liner stored in a file called ‘editSuers’:

sed --in-place '/^User_Alias DBAS =/s/.*/&, new_user/' /etc/sudoers

In the line above, the ‘new_user’ will be replaced with login name of the user we need to add to the DBAS alias.
To run in across a number of hosts (which names are stored in the file called someHosts) using ‘pssh’, I do as shown next.

# pssh -h someHosts -P -I <./editSudoers

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