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Satellite 5.x tags

A comma delimted file list hostname, application name and its owner or owners. For example

law1,KGB_Detector,James Bond/Gold Member
law2,KGB_Detector,James Bond/Gold Member
law3,KGB_Detector,James Bond/Gold Member

We need to simultaneously create and populate tags with the values from the provided data file (called DataFile.dat).

cat DataFile.dat | awk -F ',' '{print $1, $2, $3}' | while read client application owner
  Application=$(echo $application | sed -r 's/\s/\\ /')
  Owner=$(echo $owner | sed -r 's/\s/\\ /g')
  spacecmd -u satadmin -p K@rma0118 custominfo_createkey owner
  spacecmd -u satadmin -p K@rma0118 system_addcustomvalue owner $Owner $client
  spacecmd -u satadmin -p K@rma0118 custominfo_createkey application
  spacecmd -u satadmin -p K@rma0118 system_addcustomvalue application $Application $client

Keep in mind, it is an error to create an existing key…. So if you re-execute this scripts you will get errors.

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