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putty, Xming and Linux GUI

The painless configuration procedure.

a. on the linux host where you want to run GUI

# yum -y install xauth

This is done so the ~/.Xauthority file can be created/used at your first login and any time after.

b. Configure “putty” session X11 options to “Enable X11 forwarding”, do not set “X11 display location” – leave the field blank, and set MIT-Magic-Cookie-1. Save the session!

c. Start Xming on your WIN desktop

d. Login to LINUX host, validate that the .Xauthority was created and fire GUI application you desire to run.

It all looks peachy till another (non-root) user logs in and switches (su – oracle, for example) to another account and suddenly the X does not work ….. To solve it so he/she can run the Oracle’s Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) do the next step as this user. Validate that he/she can do “xclock” to their desktops and if so execute the next command.

[heshe@mymachine ~]# xauth list
mymachine/unix:10  MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1  a9b8dc99a910db2f2a5caae639c8016b

Next, the user has to become “oracle” and he/she has to modify oracle user authorization keys list with the values you just produced above.

[root@mymachine ~]# su - oracle
[oracle@mymachine ~]$ xauth add localhost:10.0 MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1  a9b8dc99a910db2f2a5caae639c8016b

Now “xclock” or the “DBCA” should work (assuming Xming has been installed on the “oracle’s” user WIN Desktop. 🙂

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