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Dynamiczne dodanie wirtualnego adaptera FC do dlpar

Cytat: Powszechnie używana metoda konfigurowania wirtualnych adapterów FC w taki sam sposób jak wirtualnych adapterów SCSI, pierw dodając adapter do LPAR jako operacja DLPAR po czym dodanie tego samego adaptera do bieżącego profilu nie powinna być używana!
Przyczyną tego jest fakt, że w chwili tworzenia wirtualnego adaptera FC, hypervisor przyznaje temu adapterowi dwa unikalne adresy WWPN (NPIV). Po czym, akt dodania tego adapter do profilu tej partycji powoduje przyznanie mu następnej pary adresów…..” Ten link prowadzi do oryginalnego artykułu.

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  1. dwitil says

    Can we change the WWPN of the Virtual fc adapter ?

  2. MarekD:-) says

    This is not possible. These numbers are “implanted” in chips during fabrication of adapters.

  3. dwitil says

    My problem is that i had created Virtual FC by the wrong method
    ie – 1st create a dynamic FC & then create the same FC in profile
    because of which the FC wwpns would change when this profile is activted next time (thanks 2 ur article we figured this out before releasing the systems)

    Now we are having 2 options
    1> change the WWPn of the virtual FC
    2> rezone everything

    The 1st option would have been easy for us

  4. MarekD:-) says

    OK, now I know what is going on. Go and redo the profile of your lpar – start over. When you take them out and then re-add the virtual adapters they will get new WWPN. Just either create a new profile or after you change the existing on remember to save and re-activete. This operation can be repeterd a limited amount of times (I do not remember how many times). It is possible to use all addresses stored in the card – if so, you have to call IBM to give you another set of numbers.

    Still, I do no really get what is going on your end? You will have to re-zone in either case since the WWPN will be different – are you confused by the two wwpn you get from PVIN? the second pair is for partition mobility.

    Good luck!


  5. dwitil says

    we can change the wwpn by using chsyscfg hmc command by doing something like this

    chsyscfg -r prof -m 9117-MMA*XXXXXXX -i ‘name=Nomal1,lpar_id=6,”virtual_fc_adapters=””35/client/3/VIOSERVER-20/13/c0507602150e0016,c0507602150e0017/1″””‘

    More details on my friends post

  6. MarekD:-) says

    This one was new to me – Thanks for sharing!!!

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