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vscsi – pięta Achillesa wparów

MarkLpar:RDC:InfoPROD:/root>chwpar -D devname=hdisk13 devtype=disk wmdWpar
chwpar: 0960-587 hdisk13 has un-supported subclass type.

You cannot allocate Virtual SCSI disks to a WPAR. Only direct-attached fibrechannel disks are supported. If you try to allocate Virtual SCSI disks you will get the following error:

chwpar: 0960-587 hdisk# has un-supported subclass type.

It’s the same for Virtual FC disks. If you shutdown the VIO you loose your connection to the disks, since it’s not direct-attached. Note: mapped SAN disk from VIO is not supported. Also SVC is not supported. Only direct-attached fibrechannel disks are supported.

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  1. Jon says


    the other option is to create the wpar as a non-rootvg wpar in the first place. I have several wpars running on an lpar hosted on a VIO-backed vscsi adapter and SVC-fronted disk. The problem comes when I try to create a new, rootvg, wpar using another vscsi disk – I get the subclass error.

    I’ve confirmed it doesn’t work on AIX 6.1.6 either….I’m going to raise a call with IBM to find out more about why.

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