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vi fails to open large files

Have you ever seen something similar:

# vi /some/path/to/a/large text/file
"/some/path/to/a/large text/file"ex: 0602-026 No more memory for the append. Too many lines in the file.
ex: 0602-101 Out of memory saving lines for undo.

and after you checked the /etc/security/limit and verified that /var/ and /tmp are not too full the file still could not be open for reading? Well, today, it happen here.

After googling for a while I came out with this post on one of IBM sites:

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  1. jsteiger says

    Create a file named .exrc in your home directory with the content:

    set dir=/tmp
    set ll=20000000

    or set

    export EXINIT=”set ll=20000000 dir=/tmp”

    and take care you have enough space in /tmp.

  2. MarkD:-) says

    Hig, thanks for you input!

    Mark 😀

  3. Mike Forster says

    Nice. Works very well.

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