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We are about to start using XIV storage with our AIX machines. From what hear (depending on the source) I get a quite conflicting opinions.
Do you have any comments, advice or recommendations on how to set up an AIX v.6.1 host with XIV v1.7?
Any bit of info will be appriciated – thanks in advance!

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  1. Andy Wojnarek says

    I really like XIV storage for AIX. Attaching was relatively easy. Make sure you download and use the XIV HAK.

    XIV is extremely versatile, it’s cool.

  2. Anthony Vandewerdt says

    Hi Mark.
    I wrote several posts about AIX and XIV some time ago.
    All the advice remains the same.

    We also recommend using 2-4 LUNs per VG, each LUN normally sized 0.5 to 1.0TB. If you need a 2 TB VG, use 2 x 1 TB LUNs, if you need a 1 TB VG, use 2 x 0.5 TB LUNs, and so on.

  3. Mark says


    thanks for your responses!
    I wonder if (HAK v.1.7) XIV_DEF_QD is an aix/xiv environment variable setting hdisks queue depth globally?



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