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command line editing pains ….. .


it is bugging me for a some time already.
Do you know how to do that: “we need to change u50_lv into u60_lv and /u50 into /u60 in a “single step”, kind of like a global change in vi?

crfs -v jfs2 -d u50_lv -A yes -a log=INLINE -m /u50

I know, how to turn each 5 into 6, but this requires two steps and I want to do it with just one (is this possible at all ?).
Please let someone show me how this is done.

How to do it as a command line edit….. Not as an edit of a line in a file…..


MarkD 🙂

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  1. Someone At IBM says


  2. Nikolas says

    how about %s/5/6 ?

  3. Aron Curtis says

    May this work under KSH ?
    Not sure and no AIX nearby.

    $( echo !! | tr 5 6 )

  4. Adria says

    # VAR=u50; echo crfs -v jfs2 -d ${VAR}_lv -A yes -a log=INLINE -m /${VAR}
    # r u50=u60 VAR

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