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Linux on steroids aka pSeries, openLDAP and TDS

I am getting more involved with RedHat. As the new RedHat “lpars” are being built the host based authentication is again starting to show its ugly side.
It is important that all our operating systems: AIX, Windows and LINUX not only use the same logins and the same passwords but also that the passwords attributes are consistent across all platforms. The last makes any security audits a real breeze.

I opened a PMR hoping to get some help configuring IBM TDS client on LINUX. I think, because I was too busy with other issues and probably too relaxed (just returned from two weeks in USVI) – I did not escalated it with the duty manager and after a week of a miserable emails between me and the engineer in charge of my PMR, I decided to drop it. Close it please, I said.

I had to work over the last weekend and having long breaks in between (dictated by schedule), I decided to poke around with the hope to getting LINUX and my LDAP with AD pass-through to cooperate. The following shows the procedure that allowed me to successfully configure LINUX openLDAP client to cooperate with IBM TDS LDAP server configured with pass-through authentication against Active Directory.

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