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how to change partition SAN fabric access

As a refresh; to list the current relationship between the virtual and the physical you could execute the command lsmap as shown next.

# lsmap -all -npiv
Name          Physloc                   ClntID ClntName    ClntOS
------------- -------------------- ------ -------------- -------
vfchost18     U9117.MMB.1060FFP-V2-C88    14

FC name:fcs0           FC loc code:U78C0.001.DBJB705-P2-C3-T1
Ports logged in:0
VFC client name:                VFC client DRC:

Name          Physloc                   ClntID ClntName    ClntOS
------------- --------------------- ------ -------------- -------
vfchost19     U9117.MMB.1060FFP-V2-C90    15

FC name:fcs3            FC loc code:U78C0.001.DBJB705-P2-C4-T2
Ports logged in:0
VFC client name:                VFC client DRC:

Above, there are details applicable to the two partitions on this VIO server that need their associated FC adapters switch in order to get to the second SAN fabric – right now these and their counter parts on the other VIO server are connected to the same fabric. Do you see that vfchost18 is associated with fcs0 and vfchost19 is associated with fcs3?
Let’s “break” the current relationships:

vfcmap -vadapter vfchost18 -fcp
vfcmap -vadapter vfchost19 -fcp 

Currently, both virtual adapters are not seeing any fabrics as they are not associated with any physical FC adapters. Let’s do the associations but this time in the reverse order so each virtual is attached to a physical adapter on a different SAN fabric.

vfcmap -vadapter vfchost18 -fcp fcs3
vfcmap -vadapter vfchost19 -fcp fcs0

A call to SAN administrator to verify that now our partitions FC (virtuals) are seen on appropriate fabrics and we can ask for luns to make our mirrors.

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