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terminating session from HMC command line

Today is the day, I decided to learn how to force to close a terminal session from HMC command line instead of going to HMC GUI to do that. I admit, it took me a while to reach this point, which as you must admit is a proof of how patient man MarkD:-) is ….. Well, on the other side, there could be at least one more meaning and explanation of this story, which I am not going to investigate at all.

So, here you are – you executed vtmenu, selected the right managed system followed with the appropriate partition number/name you want to log in, and instead of seeing the world famous AIX login prompt your HMC presents you the following:

 A terminal session is already open for this partition.
 Only one open session is allowed for a partition.
 Exiting....  Received end of file, Exiting.

You can free the offending terminal session executing the command rmvterm which must be provided with the managed system name and either the right partition name or its IDentification number.

hscroot@aixhmci14:~> vtmenu
 Retrieving name of managed system(s) . . .
  Managed Systems:
   2) EpicProd-9119-FHA-SN049F777

 Enter Number of Managed System.   (q to quit): 2

Now, we will see all partitions of the selected managed system.

  Partitions On Managed System:  EpicProd-9119-FHA-SN049F777
  OS/400 Partitions not listed
   1)    CLAORRPU001                          Running
   2)    EPCDBRPU011                          Running
   3)    EPCMDRDU011                          Running
   4)    EPCRVIOS1                            Running
   5)    EPCRVIOS2                            Running
   6)    EPCSHRPU011                          Running
   7)    EPCSHRPU022                          Running

To “free” the terminal session associated with lpar (partition) known as CLAORRPU001 we could do either one:

rmvterm -m EpicProd-9119-FHA-SN049777 -p CLAORRPU001


rmvterm -m EpicProd-9119-FHA-SN049777 --id 1

With the “other” terminal session terminated, there is nothing stopping you from opening a session for yourself.

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  1. Rajesh Kumar says

    Useful , Thanks !!

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