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AIX lessons

This is the entry point to my AIX classes. Select the topic you want to learn, do not forget to leave me a note. Good luck, Mark

Lesson 1: Introduction to AIX

Lesson 2: Network Adapter Configuration

Lesson 3: Connecting Machine to Network

Lesson 3a: Configure TCP/IP

Lesson 4: Working with Disks

Lesson 5: Working with Logical Volumes

Lesson 6: Working with File Systems

Lesson 7: Tunning AIX with SDDDRV or SDDPCM

Lesson 8: Introduction to Tape Drives

Lesson 9: Attaching Host to HMC

Lesson 10: Introduction to HMC ver.7

Lesson 11: Discovering Managed System from HMC

Lesson 12: Creating Whole System Partition

Lesson 13:Creating Users

Lesson 13a: Creating simultaneously large number of users

Lesson 14:AIX/VIO Tunning with SDD and SDDPCM

Lesson 15: Intro to Paging

creating simultaneously large number of users

Lesson 16: Working with Syslogd

Lesson 17: Introduction to NIS

Lesson 18: Active Directory, Exchange and LDAP

Lesson 18a: Authenticating AIX user with AD2008+AixSchemaForAD over SSL

Lesson 19: Disk I/O Tuning for AIX 5.3 and 6.1

Lesson 20: Introduction to WPAR

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